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Virtual Thunder July 18, 2018
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There are 1,867 speedways in the Virtual Thunder database.
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  Speedway Description Website
1 105 Speedway
Clevland, TX
3/8 mile semi-banked clay oval Website
2 141 Speedway
Francis Creek, WI
1/4 mile semi-banked dirt oval Website
3 191 Speedway
Campton, KY
5/16 mile semi-banked dirt oval Website
4 1st Mariner Arena
Baltimore, MD
indoor arena motocross course  Website
5 201 Speedway
Paintsville, KY
1/4 mile high banked clay oval Website
6 2105 Speedway
San Angelo, TX
1/4 mile semi-banked clay oval
7 281 Speedway
Stephenville, TX
1/4 mile semi-banked dirt oval Website
8 311 Motor Speedway
Pine Hall, NC
1/2 mile high banked clay oval Website
9 34 Raceway
Burlington, IA
*active on VT
3/8 mile high banked clay oval Website
10 411 Motor Speedway
Seymour, TN
3/8 mile high banked asphalt oval Website
11 67 Speedway
Texarkana, AR
1/4 mile semi-banked clay oval Website
12 81 Speedway
Wichita, KS
3/8 mile semi-banked dirt oval Website
13 85 Speedway
Ennis, TX
1/4 mile semi-banked clay oval
14 93 Speedway
Oak Hill, OH
1/2 mile slightly banked clay oval
15 A1 Raceway
Lacombe, LA
3/8 mile banked clay oval Website
16 A1-Ring Austria
Spielberg (Austria)
4.326 km/2.688 mile asphalt road course Website
17 ABC Raceway
Ashland, WI
3/8 mile semi-banked clay oval Website
18 Abilene Regional Airport
Abilene, TX
1.69 mile (8 turns) asphalt airport road course
19 Abilene Speedway
Abilene, TX
1/4 mile semi-banked clay oval Website
20 Abu Dhabi Harbour Powerboat Course
Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)
1.990 km inner harbour course 
21 Accord Speedway
Accord, NY
*active on VT
1/4 mile semi-banked clay oval Website
22 Ace High Speedway
Monroeton, PA
1/4 mile semi-banked clay oval
23 Ace Speedway
Altamahaw, NC
4/10 mile semi-banked asphalt oval Website
24 ACI Vallelunga Circuit
Vallelunga (Italy)
4.085 km/2.538 mile asphalt road course Website
25 Action Track USA (formerly Kutztown Fairgrounds)
Kutztown, PA
*active on VT
1/4 mile slightly banked dirt oval Website
26 Active Mountain Raceway
Merritt, BC (Canada)
3/4 mile semi-banked asphalt tri-oval Website
27 Active Mountain Raceway Road Course
Merritt, BC (Canada)
2.5 mile asphalt road course Website
28 Adams County Speedway
Corning, IA
*active on VT
1/2 mile semi-banked dirt oval Website
29 Adelaide Street Circuit
Adelaide, South Australia (Australia)
3.220 km/2.000 mile asphalt city street road course Website
30 Adelanto Raceway Park
Adelanto, CA
1/4 mile semi-banked clay oval
31 Adirondack International Speedway
Lowville, NY
*active on VT
1/2 mile high banked asphalt oval Website
32 Adria International Raceway
Adria (Italy)
2.702 km/1.679 mile asphalt road course Website
33 Adrian Speedway
Adrian, MO
*active on VT
1/3 mile high banked clay oval Website
34 Airborne Speedway
Plattsburgh, NY
1/2 mile semi-banked asphalt oval Website
35 Airport Raceway
Garden City, KS
1/5 & 1/8 mile high banked dirt oval Website
36 Airport Speedway
New Castle, DE
1/8 mile semi-banked clay oval Website
37 Alabama River Speedway
Millbrook, AL
1/5 mile slightly banked clay oval Website
38 Albany Motor Speedway
Albany, GA
1/4 mile semi-banked asphalt oval Website
39 Albany-Saratoga Speedway
Malta, NY
*active on VT
4/10 mile semi-banked clay oval Website
40 Albemarle Sound Offshore Powerboat Course
Elizabeth City, NC
offshore powerboat circuit 
41 Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit
Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)
5.303 km/3.295 mile asphalt city street road course Website
42 Albert Whitted Municipal Airport
St Petersburg, FL
1.8 mile asphalt/concrete airport road course Website
43 Aledo Raceway
Aledo, IL
1/4 mile semi-banked clay oval Website
44 Alford Park Powerboat Course
Sault Ste Marie, MI
river powerboat circuit 
45 ALH Motor Speedway
Morden, MB (Canada)
missing description Website
46 All American Speedway
Roseville, CA
1/3 mile semi-banked asphalt oval Website
47 Allen County Fairgrounds
Lima, OH
1/2 mile flat dirt oval Website
48 Allen County Memorial Expo Center
Fort Wayne, IN
1/6 mile concrete indoor oval Website
49 Alliance Speedway
Alliance, NE
1/4 mile slightly banked asphalt oval
50 Altamont Raceway
Tracy, CA
*active on VT
1/2 mile high banked asphalt oval Website
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