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Virtual Thunder July 18, 2018
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How to Play  
Read below to learn how to play Virtual Thunder.
What is Virtual Thunder?
Virtual Thunder is an online racing game that is played against actual racing events in several different racing series. Before each scheduled qualifying and/or race event, players can make predictions (picks) for the final outcome of the qualifying and/or race finishing results. Players are scored based on how well their predictions match the actual outcome. The game flows along with the actual event. Players can make their qualifying and race picks for any open events. Each series has their own way to determines the starting order for the main event. Virtual Thunder defines qualifying as any activity that has an outcome which is used to determine the starting positions for the main feature or race. Players can make their picks via the qualifying and race pick forms only and only picks made before the designated close times will be valid.
Making Picks
Players make their picks by using the online pick pages. Teams are chosen in the "Available Teams" section and placed into the designated groups/positions available. Each series may have a varying amount of groups/positions and some series may not follow qualifying at all.
Teams can only be placed in a single group/position.
Players must save their picks in order to participate in the event. This is done by simply clicking on the Save Picks button located on the pick pages.
Extra Pick Features
Clear All - clears all current picks
Random - randomly fills all empty positions
Store - stores current picks for future retrieval
Restore - restores previously stored picks
Players are awarded points for how well their picks match the actual event results. A player PLACES a team if they correctly match the actual finishing position. A SHOW occurs when a player guesses that a team will finish in the top finishing position, but does not exactly match the position. And a GROUPING BONUS is awarded when multiple predictions (SHOWS and/or PLACES) occur in the same group. Point values are listed on pick and result pages.

Qualifying Score is the total score from Qualifying only
Race Score is the total score from the Race only
Event Score is the combined Qualifying and Race Scores
Season Score is the combined Event Scores over all the events for the particular series

Prizes are awarded based on player performance with scheduled Virtual Thunder events. Prizes are posted along with the series, speedway or events they are associated with. Prizes are awarded to eligible players only. When a prize winner is determined, they will be contacted and must reply to accept the prize and verify their mailing address and any other prize-related information. Refer to the Official Rules for details.

Prize Tie Breaking Rules
1. Highest score (in this order: season/event/race/qual)
2. Highest PLACE total (in this order: race/qual)
3. Highest SHOW total (in this order: race/qual)
4. Best PLACE position (in this order: race/qual)
5. Highest Series Score entering the event
6. Earliest player registration

Players that win prizes will be notified via email. Claiming, shipping and any other special instructions will be included upon prize notification.
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Please contact us if you have a comment or suggestion or send an email to

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Virtual Thunder is a fun and free game that lets you play along with all the events in your favorite racing series or at your local speedway.
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Virtual Thunder
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