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Virtual Thunder February 20, 2019
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Frequently Asked Questions  
Answers to the most frequently asked questions...
What is Virtual Thunder?
Virtual Thunder is a game played against actual racing events. Players visit the site before each scheduled event and make qualifying and race finishing predications. When the actual event is over and the results have been posted, players return to the site and see how well they scored against the event and see if they won any prizes.
How do I play Virtual Thunder?
You must be a registered player in order to play Virtual Thunder. It is free to become a registered player. Read the Official Rules and review the Privacy Policy. Then become a player by filling out the signup form.
Do I have to pay to play Virtual Thunder?
No. You can register and play Virtual Thunder all season long for free. There are no limitations on the amount of events, series or speedways that you can play along with. However, certain features and areas of the game are reserved for members only. Become a paying member and enjoy full-feature access, more competition and be eligible to win prizes.
I am not a US or Canadian resident - can I still play?
Yes! The Official Rules state that you must be a US or Canadian resident to be eligible for prizes. You can still play along and if you do win a prize, have it shipped to an address in the US or Canada.
If you have any questions or suggestions, Contact Us!
Does Virtual Thunder sell my personal information?
Not at all. The reason we require personal information is to customize the experience and generate aggregate data which is used to find sponsors and determine what series to follow. Your personal information will not be shared or sold. Please read our Privacy Policy.
Why are some series missing qualifying?
Some series do not have a formal qualifying round or it is hard to find the results of the qualifying procedures. Virtual Thunder tries to cover each event as closely as possible.
Why are some teams missing?
We try to keep the team lists updated but with the many team/driver changes, this becomes a very difficult task. When in doubt, please pick by the driver name first, then by team number. Please email any updates as soon as possible to
Why doesn't Virtual Thunder follow the --- series?
We will! Virtual Thunder will follow any racing series that has a team roster, a schedule and results. This includes racing divisions at your local speedways. Suggest a Series!
How do I play against my friends?
A Pit Crew will let you compete against up to 24 other Virtual Thunder players. Every crew with three or more members participating in an event will receieve a computed crew score. The crew score is calculated by dropping the lowest member event score and averaging the remaining event scores. This crew score is compared against other Pit Crews and used for Pit Crew Standings.
To get involved with a Pit Crew, first you must be a registered player, then you can join a public Pit Crew or create your own Pit Crew.
Visit the Pit Crew Area for more details.
How do I become an promotional sponsor?
Virtual Thunder is interested in promotional partnerships with racing-related web sites, companies or sponsors that share the same goal of expanding the entertainment of motorsports.
If you are interested in getting involved with Virtual Thunder, please email your contact information and a description of your promotional goals to Virtual Thunder.
Send email to:
How do I get my local speedway involved?
Email us and tell us a about your local speedway. We will review the information and add it to the site. If possible, send along any websites that cover the speedway so we can find the current schedule and the teams lists. Suggest a Speedway!

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Virtual Thunder is a fun and free game that lets you play along with all the events in your favorite racing series or at your local speedway.
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